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Outsourcing Events

Cash Flow Management Summit

When: September 14 - 16, 2009

Where: Thistle Marble Arch, London, UK

What: This year’s event will provide you with immediate access to information on how to:
  • Optimise accounts receivable and accounts payable as a critical component of your working capital, cash and liquidity strategies
  • Adopt a hands-on approach to cash management and reduce unnecessary complexity
  • Extract more value from your cash management people and processes
  • Explore your strategic options and maximise liquidity when credit is constrained
  • Harmonise your payment infrastructure to reduce manual processing, productivity losses, excessive exception handling, and an overall lack of cash-flow transparency
  • Improve cash forecasting accuracy to maximise shareholder value and improve cash flow management
  • Implement a long-term strategy to improve cash flow and maximise working capital
  • Leverage supply chain finance techniques: dynamic discounting, reverse factoring and other tactics to manage liquidity risk in the supply chain

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Outsourcing Events

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