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NS Associates, Quantity Surveying Services

Offer Pre-Contract Bill production works using SMM7 & CESMM3

We are the small team of personnels are experienced in the Quantity Surveying using SMM7 mainly Pre-Contract Bill production works for Groundworks, Structures, Masonry and Drainage and Post Contract measurement checks and valuation via. email to complete.

We definitely provide a good quality work with a quick turnaround depends upon the size of the project.

How we works :

1) Receiving the drawings from Client either AutoCAD or PDF formats
2) Receiving Specifications
3) Prepare queries and send to clients for more clarification about the works or any missed informations.
4) Make assumptions on the items, if no response from the client.
5) Complete takeoff
6) BOQ preparation for civil works and drainage.
7) Customise Report formats like Tender Analysis Summary

We are also in reinforcement detailing and schedule preparation works as per the Standards BS 8666-2005 , BS8666-2000 BS4466 & ACI standards. We have our own special software to produce SDI files for Bar bending schedules.

How we works:

1) Receiving the input drawings from Client either AutoCAD or PDF formats
2) Prepare rebar detailing drawing as per avaialble input and standards (BS8666, BS4466 or ACI
3) Raise RFI, if the informations are not clear and any missed informations.
5) Complete detailing with sections ( where ever structure is complicated we can take section and clear the structure for site workers)
6) Once we received answer for RFI, we will update and send the drawing.If not, we will refer the RFI number in the drawings and assume the best & detailed in that area and placed cloud mark and ask confirmation with the client.
7) We will send our completed drawing by *.dwg,*.dwf,*.SDI, *.PDF
*.Dwg = Drawing Source files
*.DWF = for taking plot
*.SDI = Bar Bending Schedule files for cut and bend factory
*.PDF for Schedule
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